1. Adele:French for tender and kind
  2. Alice:Noble and truthful
  3. Belle: French for beautiful
  4. Blair:One who dwells in the plains
  5. Bree:Strong and full of virtue
  6. Brooke: A gentle stream
  7. Caprice:French for “whimsical”
  8. Cerise:French for “cherry”
  9. Dawn:As bright as the morning rays
  10. Fawn:Sweet and innocent
  11. Fern:Fresh like the fern plant
  12. Leigh:English for delicate or meadow
  13. Lynn:A pool beneath a waterfall
  14. Mae:A discerning person
  15. Love: A unique name for a girl full of affection
  16. Olive: Like an olive tree
  17. Pearl:Precious gem
  18. Rylie:Someone strong
  19. Blue: A beautiful color that evokes a sense of clarity and serenity
  20. Dawn: The beginning of a new day
  21. Faith: Trusting in all things
  22. Fay/Faye: Old French for “fairy”
  23. Grace: Meaning “God’s favor” or love towards mankind
  24. Hope: Someone with positive expectation or the virtue of hope
  25. Jade: A precious green stone
  26. Jo: A traditional country or Southern name
  27. Lane: An Old English name for someone who lived in a lane (down a narrow street between fences)
  28. May or Mae: A pet name for Mary or Margaret
  29. Paige: Meaning “young helper or child”
  30. Rain: Nurturing and refreshing
  31. Ray/Rae/Raye: Bright like the sun’s rays
  32. Reeve: A steward or bailiff
  33. Zaylee: Of Australian origin. It means flower.
  34. Anais: Persian goddess of healing and fertility
  35. Thea: Greek goddess of light
  36. Demi: Abbreviation of Demetria, the Goddess of corn and harvest
  37. Arya: Indian word for “goddess”
  38. Cia: Greek for “of the moon”
  39. Vera: Latin for “truth”
  40. Isla: It means “island” in Scottish
  41. Ireland: Her friends will be green with envy
  42. Imani: African for “faith”
  43. Raven: For fans of Edgar Allen Poe or the bird itself
  44. Reese: Welsh name meaning “enthusiasm”
  45. Anise: A spice and also means “pure soul”
  46. Elein: Native American for “as bright as a torch”
  47. Regan: Irish for “a little ruler”
  48. Eyre: Like our story heroine, Jane Eyre
  49. Anne or Ann: A name of Jewish origin that means “gracious”
  50. Marie: Lady of the sea or lady of sorrow
  51. Claire: Bright and clear
  52. Jane: God is gracious
  53. Sue: Associated with the Lily flower because lilies grew in the Biblical city of Susa in Persia.
  54. Zoe: It means “life” in Greek
  55. Lee: Chinese for plum
  56. Kate: Pure or clear
  57. Louise: German name for “famous warrior”
  58. Scarlett: Bright red
  59. Clementine: mild and gentle; associated with the cute citrus fruit
  60. Violet: A fragrant purple flower
  61. Elizabeth: God is satisfaction
  62. Lou: A derivative of Louis, a traditional French name used by many French Kings over the centuries
  63. Jean: French version of the name “John,” which means “the Lord is gracious”
  64. Sophia: Wisdom or skill
  65. Zion: heaven on earth
  66. Diana: divine
  67. Michelle: Like God
  68. Valerie: brave or valiant
  69. Serena: a champion
  70. Audrey: noble strength
  71. Phoenix: a strong mythical bird
  72. Brienne: strength
  73. Billie: resolute protector

Leona: means lion