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kids songs

Kids Songs

Download Android App Play Video Songs tend to spread joy around us. Kids songs are usually sung by the kids when they are happy. Even at many preschools, nursery or the schools have specific music classes where they teach the students kids songs. Songs are the sign of joy and happiness, they are sung when there is [...] Read More
kids story

Kids Story

Download Android App Play Video Kids love kids story especially when it is bed time. Parents usually shop for such books for their kids that have a good collection of kids story in it. It not only develop reading habits among kids but also they understand morals as well which are usually found in the stories to [...] Read More
kids movies

Kids Movies

Download Android App Play Video The kids of today's generation are very active and it gets very difficult for the parents to calm them down. They want fun, excitement and most of all they want to watch their favourite content on TV. There are kids movies on the internet for kids which can be introduced to them [...] Read More

Valentines Day Ideas 2019

Download Android App Play Video After the shine and beautiful festive season for family, comes the festive and enjoyable season for couples! As you may already identify, winters are accompanied by some festivities that give us a good reason to be with our dear and near ones. Be it Children's day, the annual end of [...] Read More
Valentines Day

Homemade Valentines Day Ideas

Download Android App Play Video Idealistic Valentines Day Gifts can take many forms and shapes. A usual valentines gift idea is homemade valentines day gifts. Homemade valentines invoke a Red Heart cut out of construction paper. The homemade valentine gifts I'm talking about are unique valentines gifts that express the true connection and love between [...] Read More