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2 kids 1 sandbox

2 Kids 1 Sandbox – Not Just Any Sandbox

Download Android App Play Video Kids used to be a straightforward box made from leftover lumber that their Dad had in the back of the garage. Nowadays, sandboxes for kids have the same concept but are much more imaginative. 2 Kids 1 sandbox love to play in the sand, and below are five fun choices to [...] Read More
diy projects

DIY Projects

Download Android App Play Video DIY projects have taken the hype by storm. DIY means Do It Yourself, yes there are millions of hacks that can lead you turn up projects which will definitely help you the results you want. Kids always find it interesting to learn new things when they are about their interest. [...] Read More
art and craft with paper


Download Android App Play Video Art and craft with paper are known to be the coolest of all. It requires minimum yet cheap things for the project and turn out to be epic one. For the simplicity lovers this type of art and craft with paper is their cup of tea. You can create a small piece of decoration, flags, miniatures [...] Read More
valentines day gift ideas for him

The Most Easiest DIY Videos for Valentines Day Gifts for Him with Fidget Spinner 2019

Download Android App Play Video The importance of Valentines Day gifts for him remains, in the common, with a man's token of love to a wife, girlfriends or woman. The red roses that so represent the modern Valentine's Day are a male love token, a gesture of the man's heart, a product of relation..... and [...] Read More
paper craft

How to Use Recycle Materials l Making of Hat with Used Materials

Download Android App Play Video HOW TO UTILIZED RECYCLED PAPER AND CRAFT VARIOUS THINGS Paper craft is the simple and easiest craft among kids, it can easily be done by them and it is easy to even teach them too. You can make some of the most simple and cute stuff with paper. There are hundreds and thousands [...] Read More
art and craft

Art and Craft, Cute Valentines Day Ideas For Him! Boyfriend Valentines Day Gift

Download Android App Play Video Some kids are interested in art and craft from the beginning, they show their interest by drawings, decorative objects and other activities. You can provide your kids a proper platform where they could showcase their potential. For the kids who are more interested in art and craft activity, they should be provided with he platform where they [...] Read More
Halloween Horror Nights

How to Make Halloween Horror Nights Fidget Spinner Decoration! SUPERB DIY!!

Download Android App Play Video Between the most celebrated Halloween festivals universal, the one held at the Universal Studios Orlando is the scariest of them all. truthfully, it's no surprise that the Halloween Horror Nights Fest is a flagship idea park event that brings to life the best of attractions that horror has to offer today. Whether it IS [...] Read More
scary halloween mask

How to Make Halloween Mask Trick or Treat for Kids, Toddler and Children

Download Android App Play Video Halloween is a great occasion to throw a gathering. Actually every year the Halloween party season just gets bigger and bigger. It's not just in Brazil, America and the UK that Halloween is well-liked. It is now becoming a famous celebration in many other countries and a good excuse to [...] Read More
Easy Halloween Witch Costumes

2 Easy Halloween Witch Costumes with Paper DIY and Scary Nurse

Download Android App Play Video Ask anyone walking in the mall at anytime close to Halloween what the perfect symbol of the Halloween season is and you will find that hands down, the most common answer is the witch. And Halloween witch costumes come in such a huge variety of styles now, that anybody who [...] Read More
halloween skeleton

Making of Halloween Skeleton Card with Cotton Sticks! BEST EVER!!

Download Android App Play Video When one mentions the imagery of skeleton bones, it is not unlikely to immediately associate the suggestion with Halloween. After all, when else are we most likely to come in contact with skeleton props such as Halloween skeleton and skulls decorations? Skeletons are so often presented to us on this holiday [...] Read More