2 kids 1 sandbox

2 Kids 1 Sandbox – Not Just Any Sandbox

Kids used to be a straightforward box made from leftover lumber that their Dad had in the back of the garage. Nowadays, sandboxes for kids have the same concept but are much more imaginative. 2 Kids 1 sandbox love to play in the sand, and below are five fun choices to choose from.

The 2 Kids 1 Sandbox of Today

Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox – At first glance, you wouldn’t know this was a 2 kids 1 sandbox. When the lid is on, this Playful Sandbox looks like an ancient sand sculpture. When the cover is off, this 38 x 53 x 11-inch sandstone coloured sandbox offers hours of fun. Each of the four corners is designed to be a seat for your little one to sit on when not playing in the 2 kids 1 sandbox. For under $100.00, this sandbox looks excellent, whether it’s in use or not; it is sturdy to hold up to 200 pounds of sand. Are you also looking for baby names for girls?

Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox 30th Anniversary – To celebrate the 30th Anniversary, this adorable turtle has a surprise “lazy river” that goes around the inside perimeter of the 2 kids 1 sandbox. Three cute turtles come with the sandbox for your child to play within the sand or water. The approximate measurements are 38x43x12 inches, which is perfect for ages 1 to 5 years of age. The lid is a darker green than the sandbox itself.

KidKraft 4×4 Outdoor Sandbox – This kid’s sandbox is cute and straightforward. The sandbox measures 44 x 44 x 55 inches, holds up to 50 pounds of play sand, and is made of weather-resistant wood. It has a polyester canopy to keep the sun off, but there is no bottom to the sandbox itself. You may want to use an old tarp or a piece of plywood for the very bottom. For about $70.00, this is the perfect sandbox for any backyard.

Badger Basket Covered Convertible Cedar Sandbox with Two Bench Seats, Natural – This Cedar Sandbox is a very nice looking and comfortable 2 kids 1 sandbox. For around $170.00, you get a sandbox with two built-in bench seats, and when not in use, the seats fold down to become the cover for the sandbox. Each bench will hold up to 200 pounds, so it’s perfect for older kids to join in the fun.

Like the 4×4 just reviewed, this sandbox doesn’t have a bottom either but is constructed of rust-resistant hardware and treated cedar planks. Since the benches fold out and create the cover, the sand is not entirely protected from the weather. For a kid’s sandbox, this one is large enough (46.5 x 46.5 x 9.5 inches) to hold up to 750 pounds of sand.

KidKraft Pirate Sandbox – Shiver me timbers! This Pirate Sandbox is perfect for every mate to explore and have fun in their backyard. Assembly is a requirement for this sandbox but well worth it. Measures approximately 75 x 43 x 58 inches and can hold up to about 400 pounds of sand. The canopy shades the sand, and the steering wheel keeps the little mates sailing in the right direction. There is also a bench, which is also is the lid for a storage area to hold sand toys when not in use. There is no cover or bottom, so you would need to consider those issues before purchasing. However, for about $200.00, this sandbox will provide hours of play.

Kids love to play in the sand, and having their sandbox will surely provide hours of fun throughout the year. A sandbox encourages their imagination and social skills. A kid’s sandbox can be simple, fun, and creative.

Kids Sandbox – Great Addition to Outdoor Play

All You Need to Know About Having a Sandbox

If you are interested in a sandbox, there are many little things that you should know about it. It is a great idea to get a sandbox for your children, and there are many reasons why. If you are about to get a sandbox or already have one, there are a few things you should know and understand. When you know all about the sandbox, you will be able to provide your children with the best experience that is out there! Be all about that, and have a great toy in the backyard that your children can enjoy.

Understand What a Great Tool Your Sandbox Is

For a lot of children, it is a great idea to promote creativity and allow them to have fun all at the same time. There are all kinds of ways that a sandbox will help with that. First, they can play in a variety of ways, and they will be able to build something, they will be able to act out a scene, they will be able to write, they can do a lot of things with the sand. You’ll be amazed at the different things that will come out of the sandbox and all the little things that you can do when you are trying to get some great activities planned for your children.

Let the Sandbox Be a Time for You to Get Away

The great thing with the sandbox is it is like a babysitter for the kids. You don’t have to worry about watching them for every second, putting them in the sandbox, and letting them play. This may be a time for you to breathe or whatever else it is that you do. Of course, you don’t want to leave your children unattended, but you at least can turn your back for a few seconds while they are playing.

Make Sure your Sandbox is Clean

You will have to make sure that your sandbox is clean. You maybe want to rake the sand or check it out every once in a while. The great news is, it is easy to clean out your sandbox. You can take it out, or if you put a liner in it, you will be able to get the sand out and replace it. This way, if there is a spill or an issue, you can return it and move on.

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Sandboxes for Kids

With the advancements in technology, video games, and handheld devices, it can be challenging to get children to play outside. Sandboxes for kids offer a unique playing experience, uniquely when placed in a mundane backyard. Kids’ sandboxes can allow for various types of play, and almost all children can find entertainment in playing with sand. The following are things considerations to make when purchasing a sandbox for your kids.

When you begin your shopping for a sandbox, you first need to consider the size you need. This will depend mainly on the number of children that will be playing in it regularly. Consider any neighbourhood kids or relatives that may be overplaying in the sandbox with your children. You will want to make sure everyone has enough room to play without sitting on top of each other.

Along with size, also consider the ages of these children. Sandboxes for kids come in different materials, and some are safer than others. Young children ages 2-5 would need a plastic sandbox. If they were to fall and hit their head or other body parts on the plastic, it would not hurt as much as the different kinds would. Also, plastic sandboxes tend to come with covers that can be used to prevent the sand from getting wet too overridden with bugs.

Another material that sandboxes for children are made with is wood. They can come in different finishes, depending on how you want it to look sitting in your yard. Make sure that the treatment used on the wood is safe for children to touch. Types of the wood commonly used for sandboxes include pine, redwood, cedar, and spruce.

Consider the budget for the item before you begin shopping. Kids’ sandboxes can range in price from low double digits to low quadruple digits. Yes, it is possible to find a luxury sandbox that costs approximately $1000! These sandboxes are usually part of a more extensive playset, so you are getting more for your money. The budget you have set for the sandbox will help you determine the size and type of sandbox you will buy.

Do not forget the accessories needed when you purchase a sandbox. Of course, you will need enough sand to fill the box, and some extra to change out the sand every so often. You will also want to purchase toys shovels and pails for your children to use while playing in the sandbox.

Sandboxes for kids are a terrific way to get your children off the couch and play outside. Sand can make them feel like they are at the beach, and can provide a wealth of playing opportunities. Be sure to think about the type, size, and the number of children the sandbox will need to accommodate before making your purchase.